‘WWE Divas’ star is gay

WWE Divas champion Charlotte Flair is set to open up about her sexuality on “Inside the WWE” on Wednesday.

While Flair was asked about her personal life before her WWE debut, she revealed she has a girlfriend, whom she revealed in a recent interview with MTV News.

In an interview with the “Inside The WWE” podcast, Flair said she had a girlfriend before she started working for WWE in 2003.

She said she was attracted to a lot of guys and she was a little unsure at first, but she eventually realized that she was the most comfortable person on the team.

She also revealed that she is not homophobic, and that she has not been homophobic in her career.

When asked about the gay marriage rights issue that has been in the news recently, Flairs answer surprised many people.

When the interviewer asked if she was concerned about the LGBT community, Flares answer surprised even more.

She said, ‘I am not.

I am proud of who I am and I love being a part of this community and I think it’s going to happen for the better.

I just hope we can get it done right.’