Which one is the best for my hair?

A friend of mine told me that she had recently lost a significant amount of hair due to a genetic condition called telangiectasia.

 As a result, she began to straighten her hair.

She used to get the dreaded look, but now, when I talk about straightening hair, I use the word “straighten”.

As I explained to her, a straightening is simply a process of removing a lot of hair from the scalp.

For some, it’s more about getting rid of the extra layers of hair than removing any of it, but for me, a very simple way to straightening my hair is to just take it out of my head.

In my case, I’ve found that a good straightening comes down to a few things.

First, I know what I want to look like.

I like to have a natural looking haircut.

Second, I need to make sure that my hair doesn’t stand out too much.

Third, I also want to avoid straightening with a high-pressure brush or a hair dryer.

These three things will help me to get rid of all the hair I can.

What do you think?

Is a straightened hairstyle a good idea?