Which is more attractive: thick or straight hair?

We know that thick hair is more beautiful than straight hair.

But we didn’t know that the other half of the equation was the straight hair bundle.

In a new study, researchers from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne University and the University at Albany found that thick straight hair is also attractive.

We can’t say whether the new findings mean that thin hair is worth more or less, but it seems to be true for those with thick straight strands.

The study was published online today in the journal PLOS ONE.

Researchers studied the facial features of 5,000 Australians.

They then measured the length and breadth of the hair on the top of each face and compared it to a sample of the rest of the population.

Thick hair, or thicker straight hair if you prefer, is associated with a shorter forehead, thicker eyebrows and a higher cheekbone.

That’s because thick straight curly hair, in particular, is more naturally curly.

But the thicker straight straight hair also has a higher amount of keratin, which is a protein found in the outer layer of hair.

The researchers then looked at the facial hair of women who were taller, thinner and had thicker straight strands, as well as the facial hairs of men.

The women had thicker hair on average, but the researchers found that there was a difference in facial hair between the tall and thin women.

The taller women had a higher percentage of thick hair on their heads, while the thinner women had thinner hair on top of their heads.

Thick straight hair was also associated with higher cheekbones.

Women with thicker straight curly hairs had longer faces and wider eyes.

It seems to suggest that thin curly hair is better for women with short faces and bigger noses.

The longer face height and wider nostrils may be advantageous for tall women, but not for shorter women, who may have a higher proportion of thick curly hair on either sides of their face.

Thick curly hair was associated with shorter noses and wider faces.

The thin women, meanwhile, had longer noses and narrower faces.

Both women with thicker and thinner hair were less attractive than those with thinner straight hair and thick straight curls.

It’s not clear if this difference reflects differences in attractiveness in the way women use their facial hair, but there may be a greater attractiveness of the thinner curly hair.

Researchers said their findings show that women have preferences for facial hair length and thickness.

Thick and thin hair are more appealing for women of different ages, but this is not always true for men.

Some people are more attracted to thicker and shorter hair than thinner and longer hair.

There may be other factors at play too.

Thick curls and thin straight hair may be more appealing because they’re easier to maintain and they’re more appealing to women.

That could be why thinner and straight curly strands are attractive to women, whereas thicker curly strands and thick curls are not.

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