When are we going to see more straight hair?

It’s a tricky topic to answer.

The straight hair trend was initially fueled by a desire for “more natural hair,” as a result of which more and more men are trying to grow their hair naturally.

Now, straight hair is gaining more popularity as it’s considered more feminine, which is often seen as a positive thing, according to the World Health Organization.

“If you look at a lot of the trends in the past, straight men tended to be the straight ones,” says Dr. Jennifer Smith, director of the Institute for Gender and Sexuality at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus.

“But that’s not the case anymore.

We are starting to see a lot more straight men and women using natural hair for their hair.”

But while straight hair may be more popular among straight men, it’s still a minority.

“The majority of straight men don’t want to use natural hair because they feel it’s a waste of money,” says Smith.

“It’s just more of a cultural thing.”

Straight hair is also becoming more popular with men who have recently adopted a more natural lifestyle.

“For many straight men who are living a very lifestyle-oriented lifestyle, they’re starting to look for a little bit more feminine and feminine hair,” Smith says.

“They’re not interested in using natural or a straight cut or straight haircuts or any of the other hair products that are being used today.”