What is the “blackout rule” in your community?

Posted September 12, 2018 05:24:22 A new policy announced by the White House on Thursday prohibits people from wearing a mask or other covering to prevent exposure to potentially harmful substances.

While the policy won’t go into effect until the end of the month, the Obama administration has already implemented the ban on masking and the associated masks for the duration of the new year.

The rule will apply to any person, regardless of where they live.

Anyone who’s covered by a federal government program, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, can wear a mask to protect themselves from pollutants.

The rules are similar to those for other public places.

Under the new rules, anyone wearing a full face mask will be required to remove it for an hour every day to keep it in place.

Those who have been wearing masks for less than a month, or even for just a few minutes, won’t be subject to the rule.

The new rules will also be applied to all federal and state employees and employees of non-profit organizations that are required to wear masks.

They will apply on federal contracts, for federal contractors and for federal agencies.

The White House says it’s an effort to combat air pollution.