What happens when your boyfriend gets you an interlocking blonde hair hairstyle?

The man in question had no idea.

The man in this case, a straight male, wanted a straight hair hairstyles and he decided to get the haircut he’d seen on Instagram and the salon in question.

In the video, the man is seen taking a look at the mannequin of a blonde wig, and then he takes a look into the mirror.

He says, “How did you get an interlock?

That’s cool.

It’s very cool, it’s just amazing.”

As he’s talking, he starts to pull out the hair extensions, and in his words, “They’re like, ‘What?

No, no, no!

I don’t want to see that.'”

In the end, he doesn’t really care.

He has no interest in being gay or straight.

He just wants to make a quick buck off the haircut.

The clip was posted to Instagram by a user named “Kaitlyn” and has now gone viral.

In a video posted to Facebook on Thursday, Kaitlyn, a 24-year-old, describes her love for interlocking blond hair, and how she has been a big fan of Instagram.

She says, “[My boyfriend] has been really into it, he’s always been into it and I’ve been a huge fan.

I’m really into the fact that he’s like, this is how you do it.

This is how I do it.”

As for what the man’s reaction was to her interlocking hair, she told Business Insider, “He’s like wow, you’re amazing.

You’re amazing.”

Kaitlynn has also seen the clip and shared it on her Instagram page.

“That was one of the first times I was really, really excited about this,” she said.

“It was something I hadn’t done in like a year or so, and it just happened so quick and it really touched me.”

Karen Tumlinson, who runs The Lingerie Shop in downtown San Francisco, said that she has seen many straight couples with blonde hair before.

She said that people who are straight usually don’t get into interlocking hairstyles.

“I’ve had people that are like, they’re straight and they want this, they don’t care,” Tumlin said.

In fact, Tumlon told Business Insiders that she thinks it’s important for people to take their own personal style to the next level, adding, “I think that people can do it, they can take it a step further.”

However, she said that if people want to get into it they have to be aware that the interlocking look isn’t for everyone.

“It’s a trend that’s really, it doesn’t necessarily fit everybody, and I think that that is part of why we see it,” she added.

While the man in the video isn’t interested in marrying Kaitlynn, he says that he has a lot of love for the look and that he would definitely go back to a straight hairstyle if she did get him one.

He also encourages people to get in touch with him on Instagram, which he does, and to check out his Instagram page and see what he’s doing.

Kaitlin says that she hopes people will be understanding of other people’s preferences and understand that they don�t have to compromise on who they are.

“Don�t be afraid of your choices,” she told us.

“If you’re a straight girl and you want to go interlocking, you can do that,” she also told us, adding that she’s happy to go anywhere with her hair.

“I would love to go to any place where I can go and look like me and go with that,” Kaitlin said, “because it’s beautiful.

It�s just amazing and it feels great.”