The Real Truth About the Hair Color of the Billionaire Billionaires

Posted March 03, 2018 07:51:27As the 2016 election draws to a close, the media has been obsessed with the hair color of the wealthiest Americans.

The question that remains is whether they are really rich.

According to data released by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, the top 1 percent of Americans have a net worth of $12.9 trillion.

If they had their way, we’d all be in their shoes.

The data also reveals that they are far from alone.

In 2017, the richest 1 percent took home $21.2 trillion.

The poorest 1 percent, meanwhile, took home just $7.4 trillion.

While we are all fascinated by the beauty of the richest, it is hard to ignore the truth about how the rich actually look.

In a recent article in Vanity Fair, actress Susan Sarandon details her experience in finding out that her own hair color is far from the color of royalty.

In fact, it’s so bad, she says, that she’s actually considered changing it.

“I had to get my hair done, get a haircut, and the next day I was like, ‘Whoa, what did I just do?’

It’s just a totally ridiculous experience,” Sarandon said.”

So I’m like, I’m really sorry.

I just have to find a way to live my life.”

Sarandon and her husband, actor/comedian Seth Rogen, recently filmed a film, Insecure, which focuses on the lives of the world’s most well-off people, including celebrities, politicians, athletes, and even some of the most powerful people in the world.

In the film, which will premiere this summer, Rogen plays the titular millionaire.

In an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year, he discussed the importance of his personal hair, noting that it’s what he uses to “control who can see you.”

“I used to wear a wig, I used to dye my hair, and I used my mom’s hair,” Rogen said.

“And it was a big deal.

I used it to control who could see me.”

While celebrities like Michael Jackson and Kanye West have taken advantage of their success to paint themselves as models for the masses, Ruminons hair is in stark contrast.

Rogen told Vanity Fair that his “secret” is to dye his hair, but he “isn’t the kind of person who would dye his own hair.”

“People have a way of doing things.

They don’t have to,” he said.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Romesh Parekh, who owns The Rokeys, said the biggest change he’s seen in his hair is the trend of natural hair extensions.

He said he “can’t imagine being bald.”

“The beauty of my hair is it’s just so natural,” Parek said.

“‘Hair’ is not really the right word.

I mean, it really does look like a wig.

I have a wig.””

But it doesn’t look like that.”

Parek added that his style is “not one of the guys who wears a toupee, or like the guys that wear a full beard.”

The fact that we can all agree on that doesn’t make the hair on the rich and famous any less of a scandal.

The wealthy don’t just have a “secret.”

They don-and they’re not proud of it.