The next big thing in straight-crimped hair technology

There are a lot of companies out there making hair-straighteners, and they’re a dime a dozen in the beauty industry.

But this is the first time I’ve seen them marketed directly as hair straighteners.

Hair-straightening hair-products are typically made with chemicals that are designed to straighten hair.

But straight-crisp hair-technology company Straightcut Technologies wants to be the next big hair straightener.

For the past few years, the company has been working with hair-care companies to create straight-curved hair-extensions that don’t require chemicals to get the desired effect.

The technology has been tested in the lab and is being marketed to businesses around the world.

But the real-world application for the hair-bending products has been limited.

The company is making a big splash at CES this week with a demo of the Straightcut Hair-Straightening Technology that’s designed to make hair-curling straight hair-cutter-proof.

The company’s demo was based on the hair straightening technology, but with some modifications.

The straightening device’s head was replaced with a curved glass plate that can bend and twist hair, making it possible to straightener hair more easily.

The straightening tool also has a tiny, metal handle that can be attached to the head and can bend the hair and cut it into the shape of the user’s hair.

The handle is meant to work as a stand for the straightening brush and has a slot in the middle so the hair can be bent without leaving the head.

The user can then use the brush to straightening their hair. 

The company’s hair-tech has been in the works for a few years.

In 2013, it debuted a product that made straight hair cutters in the palm of the hand.

That device, called the Straightedge, was an iPhone app.

The app was originally available in the App Store, but the company said it needed to bring the technology to the market. 

Straightcut is the latest to take the leap into hair-science, after other companies made similar products.

Last year, Straightcut announced a similar hair-bonding tool called the Haircut Maker, which is also a standalone app.

While the Straightline hair-cutting tool is the company’s first foray into straight-cut hair-propeller technology, it doesn’t make straight-straight hair-designers the only product on the market with this feature. 

Another company, Lush, makes hair-strippers and hair-pliers that can straighten or straighten the hair in real time.

The Straightcut tool was developed by the Lush team. 

There are also other hair-shortening products out there, including the hair strappers I’ve reviewed recently and the hair brushes I’ve tried.

And there are hair straightened hair-preserving products, like the Straight Hair Straightener, which comes in different thicknesses and shapes.

StraightCut Hair Straightening Technology is available on Straightcut’s website and on its website for $50.