‘Teddy Bear’ Teddy bears, curly hair, and more: ‘I know what I’m doing’

A young woman was stunned when she saw her hair turn white in a photograph.

It was a reaction to a series of photos of a white, curly-haired man with the same hairstyle, but with white hair.

“I was like, ‘What is this?'” said the unidentified woman.

“I knew I’m not going to get my hair done for a while.”

The woman said the man was wearing a wig that had the same style as hers and was very “trendy” looking.

“He was a very straight-shaved guy,” she said.

“The wig he was wearing was the same one I have on now.”

The incident is not the first time a woman has been left with “white hair” on her face.

A few years ago, a young woman in Germany was confronted with her hair being covered in “straight-hair” curls after a man’s photo of him with straight hair was posted on Facebook.

“When the person saw my hair I was so shocked,” she told German news site Deutsche Welle.

“They were surprised and asked me what it was.”