Straight Hair Tutorial: How to Keep Your Hair Straight

You can’t always do what you want when you’re trying to maintain straight hair.

So what if you’re a straight hair aficionado?

Here are the five most common ways to mess up your straight hair that will help keep it straight.

#1: Wearing too much makeup While makeup isn’t the most attractive of things to wear, it can definitely help.

And since it can be a source of irritation, it’s important to avoid putting it on when you can.

Here’s how to avoid overdoing it. 1.

Avoid using eyeliner when you want to add volume.

You can make your lashes longer with eyeliner but it can add unwanted volume.


Avoid mascara because it can make it hard to keep your lashes straight.


Avoid straightening your hair to keep it soft, which can cause it to curl.


Don’t let your hair grow more than two inches long.


Don,t overdo straightening with products.