Straight Hair Sign Gets A New Type

Straight hair is getting a new name.

This one’s called the “sensual.”

The Associated Press reports that the name comes from the word “satisfaction,” which means a smile or a smiley face.

The word has been around for a while, but now it’s being used in the same way it’s been used for decades, in advertising.

According to the AP, the new name was created by designer and hairstylist Kristy Lee, who has been using it for years to describe “sensational” hairstyles.

“For some, I think it’s just a word,” Lee said.

“I’ve seen so many people use it to describe a look and it just sounds sexy.”

So how did this trend come about?

As the AP reports, in the 1990s, a hair stylist in Australia noticed that women with hair straightened short could appear “glamorous.”

She found a way to create a hair that looked “comfortable” and “smooth” with just one strand.

“She thought, ‘Oh my God, it would be really sexy to have a curly hairstyle,’ ” said Lee, whose business specializes in hair extensions.

She was inspired to start the company, and has since created an online salon for straight women with curly hair.

She also creates “slim, elegant, and beautiful” straight hairstyles for men.

In the U.K., the word has become synonymous with women who look sexy and feminine.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “sultry look” as “a woman’s appearance in a flattering way, particularly in clothing, and which suggests that she is confident, confident in her looks, and confident in herself.”

In other words, a “slouchy, sultry, or sexy” hairstyle.

“It’s very trendy and the way people are using it is not surprising,” Lee told the AP.

“They’re not just looking at straight hair anymore.”

In Australia, the word is used in fashion, with the word being used as a tagline for “sashimi style,” where a woman’s hair is straightened.

In 2015, the Australian Institute of Family Studies published a paper that found that straight women are more likely to receive higher levels of social support and support from their peers, according to the ABC.

The AP notes that this can also be a problem for people with shorter hair, as it can make their hair appear more masculine. “

Men are more often expected to show more support than women, particularly for their appearance.”

The AP notes that this can also be a problem for people with shorter hair, as it can make their hair appear more masculine.

It’s possible to be more comfortable with a straight look, according the AP article, as long as it’s “modest.”

As for the new word, Lee said she’s not interested in making the word popular.

“There are so many other ways to describe it, and it’s too bad it’s not the new thing,” she told the Associated Press.

“The straight hair thing is very trendy, but I don’t think there’s anything sexy about it.”

And it seems that, as more people embrace the new term, it’s only going to get more trendy.