Shakira’s hair mop is now a fashion item

Posted November 14, 2018 11:27:07Shakira has been a fashion icon since she made her debut as a child.

Now, she’s the queen of fashion and beauty.

A few years ago, a photo was shared on Instagram of the British singer wearing a mohawks headband and a hat to celebrate her birthday.

Her mohair was the most coveted item in the Instagram contest and the winner was Shakira herself.

 The photo went viral and the hat became a symbol of the trend for many years.

But, now, the mohakked star is turning her attention to the straight hair trend and will be releasing a mop with a straight bang.

It was only a matter of time before she began a trend and it is now becoming a fashion trend.

“Shak is a big fan of the straight-hairs look,” said one of the contestants.

A new trend has begun in the UK with a young blonde model, 21-year-old Jessica Breslin, sporting a bang and wearing a wig in an Instagram post last week.

She captioned it: “Looking for a straight haircut?

I’m a big believer in using natural products and finding the perfect hairstyle. “

I got my hair cut this morning and I’m in love with the look, it’s so simple and timeless.

I’m a big believer in using natural products and finding the perfect hairstyle.

Jessica Bresline is a hair stylist who is taking her straight hair look to the next level and she says that’s why she started her Instagram account.

She has over 400 followers and she uses a few different brands to cut her hair, which is a long and thick, which makes it a challenge for the stylist.

As she posts new images of her new style, fans are liking it.

They are calling it the straight haircut.

The trend started last year with a video of a man who was using a straight hair cut and a wig.

This was followed by a number of images of women who were also wearing a straight-hair cut.

Some of the new hairstyles have a trendy twist.

In one photo, Jessica Benslin wears a straight hat with a bang on her head and a short hairstyle with a long ponytail.

However, some of the other women are taking it a step further.

One is 23-year old Katie Holmes.

She recently posted a picture of herself with a ponytail and bangs.

Her Instagram caption reads: “Wearing a straight cut with bangs is such a natural look, I love how it looks on me and my hair is perfect for my personality.

Katie Holmes is a hairstylist from Wales and a model.

She has been on a mission to become a model since she was a teenager.

She has made it her life mission to have a good, natural hair cut.

I love it and my friends love it too.

A few of her followers have been commenting that she looks like a supermodel.

With all of the positive comments, she is hoping to make a bigger splash in the fashion world.

People are taking selfies of her with her bangs on and even posted her own Instagram photo to make the cut easier.

Many are wondering what she will wear to her wedding.

Another beauty blogger, 18-year of age, who also uses a straight hairdo and a hair style called the hair moc, is also making a splash with her style.

Moc, which means hair, is a style where the hairstyle is a straight line and not curved or tapered.

She was one of three finalists in the photo contest.

After her photo was posted, she posted a few pictures of her cut with her hair flowing and her hair on the side.

There are some who are still wondering about her future.

Other celebrities who have been using a hair moccasins hairstyle have gone on to become famous in the world of fashion.

Rihanna recently posted her first video with her straight bangs and her fans have been sharing their thoughts on it.

Rihana is a music superstar who is one of Rihanna’s biggest fans.

Her fans have also been giving her rave reviews on her look.

While her fans are impressed with her look, the celebrities are getting confused by her new look.

“It’s hard for me to tell her she’s changed her style,” one fan said.

“Is it her hair or her style?” another said.

“Is it a straight moccasin or a straight hairstyle?”

One of her fans even went as far as to call her a “straight hair whore” after she posted the video.

According to a report, Rihanna is not the only one to have made a trend for a hairstyle that is straight.

Hip hop star Kendrick Lamar is also one of those people who