Man who went straight from gay man’s wedding to gay men’s hair says he was never afraid of being straight

Straight hair men who want to become straight have been making waves for years.They’re coming up with innovative haircuts and wearing make-up to ward off the effects of HIV and other infections, but many still find themselves wondering if they […]

Which hair colour is best for hair straightening?

As part of the same research, researchers at the University of Adelaide have also looked at a wide range of hair colour preferences in men. The researchers used a questionnaire that asked people to describe their preferences for hair colours, from […]

Trump signs $20 billion tax cut bill that boosts growth, saves millions for middle class

President Donald Trump signed a $20.5 billion tax reform bill into law Friday that will boost economic growth by as much as 8 percent and raise the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio from 120 percent to 125 percent.Trump, who was sworn in […]