Man, 68, who was arrested for allegedly killing his wife in a botched robbery at the salon has been acquitted

A man who was allegedly a key suspect in a bizarre and horrific murder at a luxury boutique salon in Melbourne’s north has been found not guilty.

Key points:David Thomas, 58, allegedly pulled a gun on his wife’s fiancee in a ‘thrill-seeking’ rampage in November 2016The woman, who survived the attack, claimed she was the victim of a false-flag attackThe gunman was convicted of her murder last year and was sentenced to 15 years jail.

The court heard he was charged with murdering his wife after the pair went for a walk together in October 2016.

He had earlier denied the charges but was found not responsible after a jury found he had acted in self-defence.’

There is no justification for this crime and there is no reason to think it will ever happen again,’ Acting Supreme Court Justice Michael Jervis said.

The jury also heard Mr Thomas, who had previously admitted to killing his former wife, said he had a ‘lucky escape’ and had done nothing wrong.’

He was not the victim in this case and his conduct was not motivated by malice,’ Justice Jervais said.’

This was a tragic event, which resulted in the death of a very dear and loving person, and a tragedy that was not brought to a conclusion until the defendant was convicted and sentenced to a life sentence.”

I am very glad this case has ended in justice for my former partner,’ he said.

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