How to make your hair straighten out

The hair you’ve been shaving for the past few years may be a straight-haired affair, but you’ve got a lot more to lose than just straightening it up.

According to new research, you can also lose the hair you grow every year as a result of your lifestyle choices.

The latest research from the University of Washington found that straight hair loss can be a result more of lifestyle than diet, with the most common reasons being poor diet and poor nutrition.

The researchers, led by senior author Jiaqi Wu, looked at more than 2 million Americans over the age of 65 to find the most frequently cited reasons for hair loss.

The most common reason cited for hair straightening is weight loss.

People who have been obese or overweight for a long time and who are living in areas with high prevalence of obesity and/or overweight are more likely to experience hair loss due to diet.

According for the study, diet plays a role in hair loss and the more a person eats, the greater the risk they will lose hair.

Weight loss also played a role when it came to hair loss, the researchers said.

People with less weight loss had lower risk of hair loss compared to those with more weight loss or higher body mass index.

Wu said that the research indicates that there are several lifestyle factors that can contribute to hair straightener’s impact on your hair, such as being overweight, having a history of obesity, and having a family history of cancer.

Wang says there is a wide range of ways that people can manage their hair, including diet and exercising.

She said that people should exercise in moderation, especially if they have a medical condition or have other health concerns.

Wawu said there are other ways that lifestyle can contribute towards hair loss that include drinking too much coffee, smoking, and overeating.

“Some people with hair loss may have hair that is straightened out and others may have straightened hair that’s frizzy,” Wu said.

Wen said there is no single solution to hair thinning, but there are some things you can do to make it happen.

For example, there are certain types of hair that can be straightened, and other types that can’t be.