How to make a straight hair wig from scratch

Have you ever had to buy a wig for a straight-haired friend or loved one?

The wig makers have all the tools you need, and they’re making it happen.

The idea is to make straight hair more beautiful and more functional.

You can even get straight hair dreadlocks in a wig.

“You can get a straight wig, and you can get straight hairs in a straight hairstyle,” says Barbara Stuckey, the owner of Hairworks Salon in the Hamptons.

“It’s like a double whammy.”

For many straight women, hair has a tendency to stick up.

If you want to create straight hair hair, you have to take care of that.

Hairworks is offering a few ways to do that.

Here are some tips to get straight curly hair.

Straight hair with straight bangs is a natural look.

The curly part of hair comes from the base of the scalp, which is called the scalp ridge.

The top of the hair has been curled out and the sides of the bangs have been shaved.

It can take up to two weeks for a wig to come out.

To make your hair straight, take your scalp, wrap it in plastic wrap, and apply it to the hair at the ends.

Don’t worry if it looks a little weird.

The straight hair is natural.

But don’t forget that straight hair isn’t always as beautiful.

“For the best straight hair,” says Stuckeys, “you have to get a lot of hair out of the back of the head.”

If you have thick hair, use a hair removal product.

The waxes used for hair removal usually come in a tube and are very thick.

But some waxes are thinner and can be used on straight hair.

To remove hair from the scalp: Hold a comb over the scalp.

Blow on the scalp with a blowtorch or a soft brush.

Then remove the excess wax with a small comb.

Keep the comb in place and blow on the hair.

It takes about an hour to remove hair and can take some time.

If the hair is thick, the hair can be shaved.

Just make sure it is not too thick, because the waxes won’t stick to the scalp hair.