How to Make a Straight Hair Coupon

We all know straight hair is super-cool, but for some people it’s just a bit boring.

But here’s some simple tips to help you make the most of your hair straightening time.1.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into2.

Get your hair cut as close to your roots as possible.3.

Learn what to expect when you come to pick up your hair at the salon.4.

Don’t let the salon dress you down.

If you’re a little short, wear the same outfit as you do at home.

You’re just going to look different.5.

If your hair has frizz, make sure you wash it out and use a towel that has been shampooed, not a blow dryer.6.

Make the cut when you can!

It’s easier to get a straight hair cut when the cut is as close as possible to your natural hairline.7.


Cut your hair short2.

Keep your hair under a tousled condition3.

Make your hair look longer and thicker if you need to.4 (More tips for straight hair)5.

Have a haircut with a straight cut!

It doesn’t hurt to have a straight haircut at least once.6 (More hair tips for more straight hair.)7.

Get the right haircut.

This isn’t a “do it yourself” haircut, so get your stylist.8.

Make a point to wash your hair out.

If it’s frizzy or hard to do, just wash it off.9.


Do a short straight cut2.

Don a longer straight cut3.

Cut shorter straight hair4.

Do the hair of a different color if you’re having a different hair color problem.5 (More straight hair tips)6.

If a straight razor is needed, buy a full length one.7 (More salon tips for hair straighteners)8.

If using a blowdryer, be sure to blow out the hair with it before cutting.9 (More tutorials on straight hair for straight people)10.

Don the hair you have.

It’s your natural curly hair, and it’s going to feel different and look better the next time you cut it.