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An article published in the UK’s Mirror on February 15, 2018 about a new breed of dog with the uncanny ability to read people’s minds has caused a storm on social media.

The Mirror’s headline read: ‘Canine experts are warning of a terrifying new breed’ and the article’s lead image of a young male Labrador puppy with the unusual ability to see into people’s heads was followed by a similar image of the puppy with pink hair and the headline: ‘Dog is able to predict people’s emotions.’

The article went on to detail how the dog can be trained to recognize faces and personalities from its owners, including the appearance of the male Labrador.

The article’s title also included a link to a Facebook page with several pictures of the dog, some of which showed him posing next to a man holding a baby, another of which was of a woman’s hand and a third of which looked like a child’s.

The dogs ability to ‘read’ the minds of people has been called the ‘reading eye’ and has been attributed to a species called the Canis familiaris, which is found in both dogs and humans.

In the article, the owner of the dogs, who goes by the name ‘Tiger’ and who is in his early 40s, said that the breed was created after studying how to control and train Canis.

‘It was the first thing we tried,’ he said.

‘There’s a breed called the canid, which has been around for thousands of years, that has this ability to detect people.

We wanted to create something that was the most intelligent thing we could possibly create.’

Tiger said that he created the dogs because of the fact that he had a ‘disability’ and that he has never been able to read minds.

‘My disability means that I can’t read minds but that doesn’t stop me from being able to recognise and understand people.

‘I was able to do that because I’m not blind.

I’ve never been blind, but I’ve had a lot of other disabilities, and I’m very aware of what I’m able to see, so that was really a huge bonus.’

‘This dog can read people and predict their moods.

It has the ability to sense emotions in people’s faces.’

‘The idea is that it’s very similar to people, but it’s not.

It’s like people are reading you, but they’re not.

They’re reading your emotions.’

Tiger’s theory The owner of Tiger’s breed, named ‘Tiffany’, said that Tiger’s ability to interpret people’s feelings was a result of his condition.

‘He’s not able to understand people’s emotion, and he has no emotion.

Tiffany thinks he’s a genius,’ Tiger told the Mirror.

‘The only reason I’m saying that is because of what he said, which was, I can understand what’s going on in people and what their mood is, but he doesn’t have that capability.

‘But I’ve always known that he was an amazing dog, so I thought it was a fantastic idea to breed something that I would never be able to take from him.

‘So I went to a breeder in England and they came to me and said they wanted to give him to me, and Tiffany said, ‘I’ve been to a dog trainer, and she said, I don’t want to give this to you.

This is a gift to me.’

‘He has a disability and has never had the opportunity to read other people’s thoughts.

He’s a very intelligent dog.’

‘What we know is that he can’t feel pain, but his body can.’

The owners have now told the BBC that they are now offering to pay for the dogs future vaccinations and treatment, and are considering creating a rescue to look after the dogs.

Tiger’s story is not the first time a canine has been used to predict moods and personalities, with dogs including a pug being trained to predict how others would react to a certain scenario.

In 2013, a group of researchers at University College London found that a poodle named ‘Coco’ could predict the reactions of two people, with a third person unable to recognise it.