How to get your hair straight

You’re going to want to get rid of your old straight hair for a couple of reasons: you may not be able to afford to get a straight haircut any more, and you might not be a big fan of the idea of having hair that looks like a pigtail. 

The straight haired Cockapoo has a similar look to the straight haIRED cockapooloo, with its hair growing out from the top and sides.

 It’s got long, straight hair and you can even see it on the sides of the head and neck, which makes it look a little bit like a ponytail, but it’s definitely not a pigtails. 

Cockapoos have long hair, too, but the long, curly, wavy sides of their heads can look a bit awkward to the naked eye. 

However, there are other hairstyles that can be used for the Cockapoos. 

Some people like to try out a hairstyle called a ‘straight hairdresser’ or a ‘long hair man’. 

Both of these hairstyles can be done with a straight cut, and it is also possible to choose the hairstyle to look like. 

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