How to cut hair without breaking it

How to trim your hair without hurting it. 

The good news:  It takes only a couple of hours to get started.

But if you want a cut that lasts for years, you need to be extra careful with your time and resources.

We talked to experts to learn how to cut straight hair without damaging it.1.

Wash your hair twice dailyWash your hair in cold water to remove any oils or other debris.

Then, use a wet towel or damp cloth to dry the hair.

The water will absorb the oils and remove them from your hair.


Keep your hair at least two weeks oldIf you’re a straight hair girl, you’ll want to trim back your bangs a little every two weeks, says Lina Shaviro, a professional hair stylist.


Don’t skip your shampooingThe shampoo is the most important step of the cut.

It’s the first step to keeping your hair moisturized and fresh, so you’ll notice the difference when you get home.

If you skip it, your hair will be too thick, which could damage your cuticles, says Shavuro.

So, she recommends using a natural product or two to keep your hair hydrated.4.

Don�t try to get a straight curl or go for a braidIf you have straight hair and want to go for straight bangs, you should be cautious.

You may end up looking like you just shaved your head, says Elizabeth Sallis, a salon stylist and owner of Lina.

Shavro, on the other hand, says you can go for braid with the bangs if you try to go with a straight cut.5.

Get your hair cut into a straight ponytailInstead of a straight braid, you can try a ponytail.

Shave your hair into a flat braid that goes around your shoulders.

If your hair is long enough, it should end in a pony tail, says Salliscas.


Make sure you take care of your hair as it growsYou should not touch your hair too often, says Rachel Blanford, a hairstylist and author of How to Cut Hair.

That means washing your hair once a day with hot water or a cold shower, according to Blanfords. 

You should also not leave your hair for too long, and leave it in a cool place with plenty of air circulation, she says.

You should also avoid getting in the shower for a while before you trim.


Avoid over-plucking your hairIf you plan to go straight, you may be tempted to pluck your hair with your fingers or a razor, says Blanby.

Shaviro recommends that you trim your bang and keep your straight hair as long as you can.

If the hair doesn�t grow back in the time frame you want, you might need to trim it back a bit longer, she adds.8.

Do your best to avoid leaving it hanging around too longAnother way to keep the bang free is to trim down to a point where it can be easily picked up, says Rebecca Roper, a stylist in Chicago and author for The Cut and Shine.


If it’s a baby, trim it off earlierYou may think that straight hair cuts are for grownups, but the truth is, you won�t notice the change if you do it later, says Roper.

If a baby is growing at a faster rate than you do, your cut will be a little longer than a straight one, so it will be harder to maintain.


Use a styling productInstead of using a hair brush, use an iron to apply a styling treatment to your hair, says Tracey Roper of The Cut & Shine. 

Try to avoid a straight bang for a short period of time.

This is called “plucking,” and you can trim it as it becomes more straight, says the stylist, who also recommends using styling products for a hair that’s still soft.