How to choose the right wig for your style

The straight hair problem is more common than you might think, says Dr. Kate Parnell.

It’s the result of a combination of genetics and environment, she says.

It is often caused by a lack of natural curls or hair styling, a condition that can be treated with a little help from a good wig.

And it’s also an issue that many Australians don’t realise they have, because they’re not aware of its importance.

Dr. Parnells co-founded Straight Hair Foundation in 2017 with her partner of five years, Sarah Williams, and their daughter, Lucy.

It helps people find out what straight hair can look like for themselves.

They started by researching the conditions of straight hair and looking for products that would work for them.

That led to their first straight hair products.

Straight hair products are available in both natural and synthetic versions.

Synthetic is the cheaper option, but it’s not as luxurious as natural hair products, and it can cause some irritation.

But it does give you some of the benefits of natural hair, such as the softness and shine.

And synthetic straight hair is usually much cheaper than natural.

So Dr. Williams decided to build her own line.

She and her partner have developed a range of products that she’s used since then.

Some are more expensive than the natural ones, but they’re a lot less painful, she explains.

She also offers natural straight hair hair products at her salon and online.

The first one is a special type of synthetic straight that is much lighter than the synthetic version.

It comes in a variety of colours and textures, which are all natural.

This is a little bit different to a natural straight, which is all black, so the texture is not the same.

And the colour is not a natural colour.

But they are very good quality, and the colour makes a difference, Dr. Harris says.

The natural version costs $60.

The synthetic version costs about $130.

It can be used on the side or the front of your head, and comes in four colours: pale pink, light pink, peach and light grey.

There are also other colours, including brown, purple and turquoise.

It has a nice texture, but you have to use a little more than regular synthetic straight.

If you are using synthetic straight, it’s a little thicker than the regular straight.

The only difference is that it has a bit more stretch, which helps you hold the hair.

It also comes in several colours, and in a range that is so wide that you can’t see the product from the outside.

It costs about double the cost of a regular straight, and can be worn with or without a wig.

Some women prefer to wear synthetic straight on the sides of their head, for a little extra volume, while others prefer it on the top of their heads, for some extra volume and curl.

The other products are less expensive, and are sold online or in stores.

Some have natural straight styling.

Others are straight-straight-style products, which have more of a straight-cut style, with a thicker, wavy hair texture.

Both of these have more stretch than synthetic straight with a lot more volume.

They are the only ones I know of that have been around for a while, and they have all worked for me.

There’s a lot of controversy around the issue of straight-hair problems, and many women don’t understand that they are caused by an issue with their hair, Dr Parnels says.

But, she adds, there are some products that can help you achieve the natural look.

They include hair products that you buy online and that are specially made for people who have naturally curly hair.

They come in all different styles, and you can choose what style suits you best.

For example, a natural hair straight can look a little like a long, straight bang, or a short, straight ponytail.

These are usually the ones you will buy, and don’t have a price tag attached.

But if you are really looking for a natural product, like the natural version, the prices are typically a lot higher than the prices for synthetic straight ones.

They have a lot longer ingredients, and more of them than synthetic.

These include ingredients like beeswax, beeswel, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polyethylene glycol, synthetic carrageenan, fragrance, silica, and titanium dioxide.

There is also a lot cheaper straight hair straight in the form of an old fashioned straight.

These come in a number of different styles that are often made up of natural straight with some extra length.

These can also have a little curl, but most of the time it’s only there for cosmetic purposes.

And if you buy them online, they come with a warning label to tell you what ingredients are in them, so you can make sure that you don’t put too much into your hair.

Dr Pernell says that