How to be the ‘straight’ woman in a world that won’t let you in

Irish men are now increasingly opting to wear their hair in straight, full-length wigs, rather than in buns, according to a new survey.

The Irish Times has tracked the number of men in the country who choose to wear buns in public, and the results are staggering.

The survey, commissioned by the Irish Straight Hair Labradoodle and commissioned by fashion brand Lush, found that there are now up to 20,000 men in Ireland who are opting for straight hair in public.

The number of straight men is also increasing, with up to 8,500 opting for the style in 2017. 

“There are lots of young people who are going to go on a trip overseas and be able to go to Paris and be like, ‘Oh, I’ll wear my hair in a bun, it’s so sexy’,” said Michael Fitzgerald, director of the Irish Hair Labdoodle.

“I know it’s a little bit embarrassing, but it’s really the most natural thing to do for them.”

The Labradoodles founder and CEO, Paul Byrne, said straight men had traditionally been looked down upon in the US for wearing hair in bun style.

“It was always the fashion, you know, men who were doing this, you couldn’t say ‘well, I’m a straight man’ you could say ‘I’m a male who is a straight male’,” he said.

“And we are seeing this change in the fashion industry.

I don’t know how much we have to do with it, but I do know that there’s an awareness among men that they can wear their buns and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Paul Byrne, the founder and director of Irish Straight Hairs, said he wanted the trend to spread in Ireland.

“We’re starting to see this, we’re starting the trend, it has been there since the late 70s,” he said.

“I think it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing straight men wearing their hair this way, and then I think the trend will spread.”‘

I’m not straight, but the straight way’Irish Straight Hights has found a number of ways to encourage men to wear straight hair, including making the “bun” a social media hashtag for men to post their opinions on.

The Labdoodles have also created a series of videos highlighting some of the styles that are trending.

One of the videos features a man who walks past a barbershop, wearing his straight hair straight out of the barber shop, wearing the buns he bought from the barbers.

The men’s hairstyles have also been featured on the cover of the May issue of the British GQ magazine, with a picture of a man with his hair bunting up on the front cover.

“I’m just not a straight guy, but that’s what I’ve been told I’m not, I don, so I’m just the straight guy,” said Michael.

The Labardoodles’ latest video has been watched by almost a million people and has had more than 5,000 comments.

The trend is also on the rise in America, with the popularity of ‘bun buns’, or full-body buns made of straight hair.

“There’s a lot of young gay guys, who are starting to get attracted to straight hair,” said Paul Byrne.

“They’re seeing the straight man as the one, that’s their gay identity.

I think we’re seeing a lot more of that in Ireland, we’ve seen this trend for a couple of years now.”