How to be straight and have straight, curly hair

When it comes to being straight, being a straight woman can be quite different than when it comes in to the way you dress, dress in, and look like.

A new study has found that being straight can have different implications for men, but also for women. 

The study was published this week in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly, and it examines the implications of straight hair on the perception of straightness, body image, and sexual interest. 

“Straight hair is perceived as masculine and beautiful, but women who have straight hairs are seen as unattractive and unattractive women,” study author Laura J. M. Kuchera, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Michigan, said in a statement.

“Straights who have curly hair are perceived as attractive and beautiful.

And straight men who have curls are perceived to be unattractive.””

This study reinforces what has been observed in studies of women’s straight hair that straight hair is seen as attractive, while curly hair is viewed as unattractable,” Kucbera continued. 

Women who have long straight hair are more likely to be perceived as beautiful, while those who have short hair are seen to be less attractive. 

A new study suggests that the perception that women with long hair are unattractive is linked to body image.

Source:  Psychology of Men & Women By Kaci Stiles-OwenPublished in Psychology of Woman Quarterly. 

Written by Kaci Stiles-Osborne