FourFour Two’s ‘Ethiopian Straight Hair’ video is a ‘gimmick’

FourFour two’s ‘The Ethiopian Gay Hair Cut’ video was a joke about a straight-haired man who wears a wig.

The joke is so absurdly ridiculous that it’s actually quite funny, with a gay guy who wears the same wig being a joke.

The clip, which features the character of a straight man in a wig, is set in Ethiopia.

It features the same man’s wig being cut off at the end, but in the end he gets a new wig.

It’s a very funny clip.

It was a parody of the straight hair haircut that has become a staple of mainstream culture, with men who have straight hair wearing them to the grocery store.

The clip, titled ‘Ethio-Straight Hair Cut’, was uploaded on November 25, 2017.

It features the man in the wig being led into a grocery store, dressed in a white shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers, as he walks up to the cashier.

The wig is cut off in front of him, and he asks the cashiers if he can take the wig.

“If you don’t mind,” he says, as they leave, “would you like to have a straight haircut?”

The wig cuts off, the man walks out of the store, and the cash register falls to the floor.

The video then cuts to a different part of the scene, with the wig still on.

“So, is this a joke?

Do I need to be cut straight?” he asks.

“You need to watch the video.

It has a great joke and I think it’s a great spoof of straight hair.

I think I’d like to wear it.”

The next day, the video went viral.

It also went viral, and has received millions of views.

But is the straight-hair haircut a joke, or is it just another joke?

“Ethiopians have this very unique hairstyle, which is basically straight.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the way this hairstyle is taught in Ethiopia,” said Dr. David Obeid, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“It is very rare for straight hair to be shaved in Ethiopia.”

Ethiopia has a long history of homophobia.

In recent years, a number of prominent gay men, including actor Oscar Pistorius, have been arrested for crimes related to homosexuality.

Obeid said that many of the people in the video are gay.

“Many people believe that the haircut is a joke or a parody, and many are unaware of how many Ethiopians have been victims of homophobic violence for their sexuality,” he said.

“These people are victims of the system and the way the Ethiopian society works.

And so they’re very likely to be targeted, and they’re likely to have little to no protection.”

Obey the rules, and you can get a straight hair cut.

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