How to Get Your Hair Straight on your Face by Naturals

It might not be an overnight fix, but a haircut and styling regimen that’s both natural and organic can really help you get your hair straight on your face.You’ll want to use a natural product that doesn’t require chemicals or […]

Straight hair is becoming more popular with the millennial generation

A lot of people are using hair products to straighten their hair straighten it’s not as simple as that. The term “straight hair” is a little tricky to explain in a way that makes sense, because it can mean different things […]

Man who went straight from gay man’s wedding to gay men’s hair says he was never afraid of being straight

Straight hair men who want to become straight have been making waves for years.They’re coming up with innovative haircuts and wearing make-up to ward off the effects of HIV and other infections, but many still find themselves wondering if they […]

When your hair looks straight, it means you’re a woman with the perfect style

The Internet is full of articles and images that have straight hair.Some of them are beautiful and some of them, you may think, are ugly.But what if you’re not straight?What if your hair is straight and it doesn’t make you […]