When you need a little straight hair advice, here’s a handy guide

A: Straight hair is great for straightening hair, but if you want to do that naturally without resorting to expensive straightening products, there’s one other thing you need to know.B: There are different types of straight hair.One is a normal, […]

What’s going on with the Durag straight-haired hairstyle?

Natural straight hair and curly hair are two different hair types.However, the two styles are often referred to as “straight” and “curly”.While both hairstyles are beautiful, there is a difference between them.Here are some of the reasons why.1.The natural straight-hair […]

Which straight hair hair ponytails are we going to be wearing?

The first photo of Nadula straight blonde hair was posted on Instagram in January 2018, but the photo was not yet officially released by the actress.However, in early February 2018, Nadula’s rep confirmed the hair color was indeed her natural […]

‘We can’t help it’: What the world has to say about hair color and style

By Emma FaganRead more The word “cynosis” refers to the redness of hair that forms when certain cells of hair are exposed to light and oxygen.It is thought that the pigment of hair has evolved to protect the skin against external […]