How to Get Your Hair Straight on your Face by Naturals

It might not be an overnight fix, but a haircut and styling regimen that’s both natural and organic can really help you get your hair straight on your face.You’ll want to use a natural product that doesn’t require chemicals or […]

What happens when your boyfriend gets you an interlocking blonde hair hairstyle?

The man in question had no idea.The man in this case, a straight male, wanted a straight hair hairstyles and he decided to get the haircut he’d seen on Instagram and the salon in question.In the video, the man is […]

Straight hair is becoming more popular with the millennial generation

A lot of people are using hair products to straighten their hair straighten it’s not as simple as that. The term “straight hair” is a little tricky to explain in a way that makes sense, because it can mean different things […]